Cellufine MAX DexS-HbP /  MAX DexS-VirS
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Cellufine MAX DexS-HbP / MAX DexS-VirS

Product Number  21 700-51
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Cellufine MAX DexS is a new chromatography resin incorporating Dextran sulfate polymer surface modification. This non-animal derived pseudo affinity ligand can be used instead of immobilized Heparin for blood protein fractionation and viral capture.

JNC offers two different Cellufine MAX DexS resins, surface modified with different lengths of Dextran Sulfate polymer; a) DexS-HbP developed for purification of heparin binding proteins. and b) DexS-VirS, for purifying virus and virus like particles especially having affinity for heparin. Both resins have been developed to improve the protein or virus capture efficiency of existing resins by employing a pseudo affinity mimetic polymer surface based on Dextran Sulfate. The cross-linked cellulose base bead has been optimized for high flow applications and is fully compatible up to 0.5 M NaOH for CIP.